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How To Use Better At Golf Dice

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Better At Golf Dice are simple to use, fun, educational and maybe, just maybe profitable.

Short Game Dice

One of the two original sets of dice. The short game dice will ask you to hit a variety of shot to maximum length of 60 yards. The clubs you'll use will range from a lob wedge (or your most lofted wedge) to a 7 iron. Shot types include; Bump n Run, Flop, High, and a few others. I've had the pleasure? pain? of having the dice ask me to hit a Flop 8 iron 30 yards. My resulting shot was average at best, but I set up to hit the shot with smile of disbelief. "This is crazy." But you know what? I've been on the golf course playing where I've experienced the exact same feeling of disbelief. The only difference on the golf course there were a few more swear words involved.

Full Swing Dice

The second set of the original two. The full swing dice encourage you to any one of the clubs in your bag with various shapes. Added to this is the trajectory or ("Trag" as Tiger calls it) die with will ask you to bring 'er in low, stock or high. These dice help you to work your ball in different directions and get you comfortable with flighting and shaping the ball.

Target Dice

The new kid on block in the Better At Golf Dice family. The target dice provide you with what type of shot to hit; par 3 tee shot, par 4 tee shot, various shots on par 5's (and others). They will also ask you to shape your shot and finish in a certain area in relation to the target. For example, you may have to hit a shot that fades in to the right of the target for your third shot on a par 5.

Using Better At Golf Dice will provide a nice way to spend some time on the range and fun way to work on your game. It should also be noted that you don't have to use all three of the dice from each set when you practice. If you only feel like using one or two dice during your practice session that's great, do whatever you have to do to have fun.

Now for the profitable part. You will need a buddy or two to join you on the range, with each player chipping in a couple bucks to the pot and any set of dice. One of you roll the dice and then each player tries to hit the shot that came up on the dice. Once all the players have hit, you decide on who pulled of the shot better. That person gets one point and gets the honour of rolling the dice for the next shot. You can decide for yourself how many rounds/rolls you want to go. My buddy and I play the first player to ten wins. I can tell you with all honesty that when one of the players gets near winning, the pressure you feel is real.

I hope you enjoy using Better At Golf Dice. I know I had an enjoyable time creating them for you.

Cheers, Shane Hartman, Owner/Creator - Better At Golf Dice.

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