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About Better At Golf

Better At Golf is dedicated to helping you improve your golf game. Random golf practice is one of the most effective methods of practicing and learning new golf skills. Random golf combined with tracking and quantifying your shots, provides a sound foundation for you to improve your golf game. 


Indigenous Initiatives

Better At Golf is an Indigenous company, and as such strive to give back to the Indigenous community. Partial proceeds from Better At Golf sales go towards the Better At Golf Foundation, a registered nonprofit which is helping Indigenous youth gain access to the game of golf, as well as providing access to educational and career preparation opportunities. Indigenous youth will have access to post-secondary guidance, as well assistance to determine what their skills and strengths are for their future careers. If you know of an Indigenous youth that would like to take part in, or learn the game of golf, please feel free to send and email to and we will try our best to help as best we can. The Better At Golf Foundation community days are looking to take place across British Columbia this July and August. 

Shane Hartman, CEO/Owner

Shane is the the creator, owner and CEO of Better At Golf. He is a proud member of the Nak'azdli Whut'en First Nation from the Central Interior of British Columbia. Shane has been golfing for close to 25 years and has a love hate (mostly hate) relationship with short pitches off tight lies. He enjoys playing and practicing the game, and invented Better At Golf dice while trying to create new ways to practice random golf shots on the range. Shane is currently playing off a 6.6 index, and has played 10 Major Championship Courses, with a goal of playing 25. He is also an Indigenous artist and published author, having illustrated and written a childrens book for his daughter. He lives in Victoria, BC with his wife, daughter and dog. 

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