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Golf Training Aid and a golf practice system to help golfers practice short game random golf shots

Welcome to Better At Golf.


Better At Golf Dice is a golf training aid that helps you practice like you play... at random.

Give the dice a roll, find that distance on the driving range, try your best to land your ball on that target and then estimate how many yards your shot was long/short and left/right. Mark down your results. Repeat for ten 
shots, and then see how many yards you were off target. Repeat for another 10 shots. 

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How To Use Better At Golf Dice

Here’s how to use Better At Golf Dice:

1.    At the driving range, take out Better At Golf Dice and give them a roll. 

2.    Try your best to hit the shot the dice suggest.  

3.    Watch where your ball lands in relation to your target and give yourself a score.  IE: “I was 5 yards right and 2 yards short of my target”

4.    Write down your results for the shot on the tracking sheet.

5.    Complete 9 more shots, tracking your results for each shot.

6.    Compile your complete score for all 10 shots. 

This will serve as your first data set and will allow you to track your practice moving forward. 

You can continue with another set of 10 or return to the first set and try and improve on your score. The combination of random practice and quantifying your practice makes Better At Golf Dice one of the most powerful tools for real learning and improvement in your golf game. 

It’s not necessary to use all three dice with each roll, you’re free to use just one or two dice for your practice session. Additionally, if a buddy happens to be with you at the range, you can have a match play competition.

  1. Roll the dice, 

  2. each players tries to hit the shot as best they can,

  3. determine who was more successful and that person gets one point.

First one to 10 points wins. The pressure is real and feels exactly like real pressure you feel on the golf course when you or your buddy near 8 or 9 points and you’re trying to win the match. Have fun, life is too short to have boring practice. 

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